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Our division covers several quite different neighborhoods. For example, it's bounded on the south by bustling and funky South Street, and on the north by Washington Square Park, one of the most serene spots in Philadelphia:


Neighborhood Quiz! Put the following locations in our division in order from north to south (or jump ahead to the solutions)

Trivia Question: Name the only storefront in the division (Careful! You need to take account of which sides of streets are in our division. The boundaries of our division (see map on home page) are: the east side of 9th St (from Locust to South), the north side of South St (from 9th to 8th), the west side of 8th St (from South to Lombard), the north side of Lombard St (from 8th to 7th), the west side of 7th St (from Lombard to Washington Square), the southwest edge of Washington Square, and the south side of Locust St (from Washington Square to 9th). Answer