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City of Philadelphia: Ward 5, Division 5

May 2018 election

We've made a separate May 2018 election page where we list all the races and our recommendations.

Turnout data

Click here for turnout data for Ward 5 Division 5 since 2006

Polling Place for our division: St. George's Greek Orthodox Church
, enter through parking lot on 8th between Spruce and Locust

Philadelphia is divided into 69 "Wards" and each ward is divided into "Divisions", with roughly 1000 people per division. These wards/divisions are political entities: everyone in a division votes in the same place, and each division elects its own representatives (called "committeepeople") to the Democratic and Republican parties. We are the Democratic committeepeople for the 5th Division in the 5th Ward, a 7-block neighborhood in the Center City part of Philadelphia (see map at right). We created this Web page as both a general resource for those who live in the division, and as a way to disseminate information about upcoming elections.

Andrea Missias and Rob Manning
Democratic committeepeople, Ward 5 Division 5
Contact Us

Part of our job as committeepeople is to send out endorsements before each election. If you've lived in Philadelphia, you've probably gotten such a mailing: a grid of "who to vote for" and perhaps a brief letter explaining why.

We believe that voters should have more information about issues and elections that a simple list. We hope that this Web page will be a way to provide this information. Of course we'll have opinions, and maybe even a suggested list of whom to vote for, but we will also try to provide reasons, background, and links to more information.